Humble bundle is about to change their monthly rates. They don't always have great bundles every single month, but you can usually sell what you don't want. If you ever thought about jumping on HB, now is the time to act!

I can't believe we're already at the halfway mark! I now have hope, which is a very dangerous thing! I'm going to go beg my landlord today for a little more time and drop off a big chunk of this as a sort of good faith payment!

After the Asterios vid and the Sseth vid, I really want to get back into doing some vidya shit for videos. I'm going to make a few, and see how people like them.

I don't want orbiters or superfans. What I appreciate more than anything are good, independent people who just enjoy my content or hanging out with me. That is a big part of the reason I'm not any bigger fame-wise than I am at the moment.

yo please tell me you are gunna have this guy on your show!

guy creates neat, safe, interesting underwater habitats for hamsters. reddit decides he be homeless and all his posts defending himself must be deleted:

I am going to be wrapping up outlining and scripting the Asterios video this week. If you have anything you think I should include, DM me. On an unrelated note: huge, huge, huge thanks to all my patrons, twitch subs, and GoFundMe heroes. I promise I love you more than asterios.

In case you were thinking about getting Total War: Warhammer, or any Creative Assembly games. They are falling to the same Tencent bullshit as all your other favorite games.

Only on a Paradox "sale" will you find that they've graciously lowered the prices of their literal 100's of DLCs from $279 down to a measly $115. For a fucking strategy game. The dlc is literally reskins with different integers for stats.

The road rage documentary is almost complete! But we need your help!
We're getting together some backing tracks for the voiceover, and if you have any you'd like to have included, please DM me ASAP!
We will, of course, credit you on screen!

I'll say this much. I don't think cog is cuck, I just think he's desperate for a relationship. I don't think Ralph is "probably getting cucked" by Nora. I don't even think Ralph probably ACTUALLY thinks cog is a cuck, he just made fun of him a little, and cog turned it into this.

I can't help but wonder if he'd think it was "cool" if it wasn't the kind of thing that could help him look good for a job in showbiz. I wonder how cool his treatment was of certain people who have spent hundreds of dollars trying to help him out with live shows. We'll see!

Please tell me cog's fans are not doxing 's brother.

For the first time in a month, I've slept all night and woke up feeling energized and rested. With new pretty good paying projects in front of me. Feels great.

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