Uploads all this week of me, @gabrahamsand@twitter.com , and @yoloswagstudios@twitter.com playing some emerald. These may also be available on yolo's channel, which is linked in the description/end screen!

One thing I'd like to make clear before I get to this video (I haven't started yet, SORRY):
DO NOT fuck with dick's IRL shit. Don't go harass dick with dumb shit in my defense, and just don't do anything in defense of me that isn't cordial and based on facts.

I can't believe there are people out there who are still saying/believing that I expected to be retroactively paid for bits. @Leviticus19_18@twitter.com you didn't even ask me about this shit! Thanks man!

Monster hunter world definitely has already won the "most bullshit and roadblocks" award for me. Due to unskippable cutscenes you have to wait for your friends to watch before you can play together, and constant disconnects when you finally get to play together. FIX THIS SHIT

hey @Steam_Support@twitter.com how do I contact you if I have a technical issue with this game, but I suspect it may be steam that's causing this issue?

hey @monsterhunter@twitter.com why do me and my friends all get disconnected whenever we try to play with each other on PC? This happens every time we play with any combination of each other on any quest! Please help!

Well at least you might see this one in your recommendations. Thanks @TeamYouTube@twitter.com

I wonder how many comtributors work for dick that he secretly hates and thinks is autistic. So far we're up to three revealed in one week. twitter.com/LABasedComedian/st

A few people have asked me about doing an alex jones parody show. Since I love Alex Jones now more than I ever have, I do actually plan to do this. Probably start by the end of march. But I want to know what you guys want to see from this:

Again with this narrative that i still think you owe me money. I hope you watch the video, dick, since you keep quote tweeting everything making it impossible for you to keep up. Especially after you already apologized fof being flakey af and are now pushing that you never were! twitter.com/LABasedComedian/st

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