Total war: Warhammer 2 might be the most frustrating game I've ever played. I can tell there is a really fun fantasy game somewhere underneath all this buggy nonsense, nickel and dime horsefuckery, and 4 year degree prerequisite.

Raid shadow legends look like a pile of shit. It auto-grinds for you? why have the grinding?

Can't wait for Richard spencer to be working with MTV as a "reformed white supremacist" in 10 years.

yo if you were ever thinking about pushing now would be the fucking time to do it, my man. We've got your back.

I really hoped Destiny 2 would change once bungie got it away from activision. But at its core, it's still just a slot machine with extra steps, addictive bar filling, and titles that make you feel like you're achieving things, when you're just wasting time.

I'll have patreon rewards/that one song done by the end of the week for last month! Sorry guys, wrapping up this enormous project today, and then I need a day or two off.

Just figured out "bae" comes from missing the "b" key.

Oh you "hate racism?" Name 1 thing the Chinese government is doing to African students.

If the pope is suddenly cool with this, your religion means nothing. Lol

They now started grabbing like 3 peanuts at once, stuffing the whole shells down their throats to take them with them.

how the fuck do yall listen to music when you edit video/audio?

lol holy shit Epstein really had that pedo lip curl all the time

Bernstein: "channers are elite hackers out to destroy minorities and harm marginalized people!"


"Honor is the privilege of the victorious, and the bane of the defeated."

can someone please redpoll me on how a pileup that happened 4 or 5 minutes before your own wreck could possibly be responsible for it?

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