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Dick’s downfall is going to be when the Kiwi finally murders somebody and TDS somehow gets blamed.

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Fuck you, hiccups. You go to hell and you die.

“Oh, you’re sorry? That’s great! We’ll just stop harassing you and leave you to your career then!” - no progressive ideologue ever

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I just want to take a moment to appreciate just how empowering self hosting federating free open source software is on the web

My parents keep trying to trick me into acknowledging that I have a Facebook account.

2019 looks stupid in writing. I already don’t like it.

Friendly reminder: there’s some documentation up on that explains the different timelines and how following people from other instances works. Could be helpful.

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I want to enroll in a community college and form unlikely friendships with my classmates.

Bill Burr was on Rogan saying that throwing a Tesla battery into the ocean would be “fucking horrible”. Wtf I thought this guy was cool?

What’s the most forgettable day of the week and why is it Tuesday?

It’s nice to finally be part of a community where people don’t refer to capybaras as beavers or chipmunks or any other non-capybara animal.

Protip: if you follow someone, they’ll show up in your Home timeline. The Local / Dick Show timeline shows everyone on this instance, and the Federated timeline shows everyone on every instance this server is aware of (which is none at the moment).

I’ll write up some better documentation in the next few days.

We need more capybara representation in software names.

We need a 1200 x 630 logo image for the landing page / social media previews, in case anyone feels like making one.

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