@consumption @Dickmasterson I’m pretty sure “tits or ass” isn’t an inside joke

@Lev it’s not free money. It’s going to cost about $3 trillion annually. That’s double the profit for every Fortune 500 company in 2018. Where do you think that’s coming from?

Does anyone actually support Yang unironically?

Remember when Mastodon was a thing for two days? That was fun.

@StinkMonster223 @SpeedoJosh Most of them are pretty cucked tbh. Like people made them because Twitter wasn’t cucked enough. Wil Wheaton got booted from one of the official servers for not being woke enough. You can follow people from other servers though. That’s what the home and federated timelines are for.

@dillon You should check out Bret Easton Ellis’s podcast some time (if you’re into film and/or literature, at least). Based Gen X icon.

@dillon Gen X don’t care. They’re the slacker gen. They’re just selling shit to millennials.

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