@AwkwardAction It's my own privately-hosted instance. Mastodon devs don't have any control over what happens here.

@serfilian I fully expected to get blacklisted by all the official instances within days of launching dickshow.social. That's the worst that they can do to us.

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Thank you for calling in! I'm very interested in this new project. If you haven't seen Andy's video yet, WITH THE VINDICATING TEXT MESSAGES FROM HIS ACCUSER, check it out, youtube.com/watch?v=3wgOFa4A0U

Anyone who is an art feel like creating a banner to replace this one from the about page? Original size is 1201 x 630

@hazencruz My only real complaint is I haven't found a way to expand (or partially expand) replies by default. I guess it's not meant to be Facebook though.

@AwkwardAction It's what Mastodon calls a tweet. I'd changed the button to say "rage", but then I upgraded the server and it overwrote my UI changes.

@Dickmasterson Was that the goal? I can't imagine Trump not being on the primary ballot in California could matter otherwise, unless they're trying to split the vote by bringing in a libertarian.

Updated Mastodon to the latest version. If you're using the web interface, I'd recommend going to Preferences > Appearance and disabling the advanced web interface. The new simple one looks much better imo.

Doing some maintenance on the server — might be spotty for the next few hours. Apologies in advance.

Mastodon is back online. Apologies for the downtime.

@Dickmasterson I can investigate this when I have some time. I’m a little wary of forking the main branch because it would make updating a bitch, but if I can do it without hacking the core app too much, sure.

@Hotprivilege @Dickmasterson I don’t understand how incels are a movement. It’s just a bunch of dudes who can’t get laid, isn’t it?

@ArcadeOutpost The only limitation afaik is your local feed will always be the node you created the account on. You can’t follow entire other nodes.

@ArcadeOutpost you only need one account. You can follow users from any node and they’ll appear on your home feed. Think of it like an email address: gmail and yahoo are different nodes, but users are able to communicate between them.

@cica1066 the Internet was better before normies joined anyway tbh

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