Does anyone actually support Yang unironically?

@capybro Is it worth listening to his Joe Rogan appearance to investigate whether I do ?

@SpeedoJosh @capybro haven't seen him on there but saw him on the h3h3 podcast and somewhere else. He's a pretty cool guy, and i only care bc of that 1k per month for everyone. He's taking amazon but i dont really give a shit bc of the money I would get.

@capybro who doesn't want free money? Geriatrics over here can be bought by a 50 dollars worth food ticket, so...
I mean the gov fucks you up the ass regardless of who sits in the chair so might as well rob them till you can, right?

@Lev it’s not free money. It’s going to cost about $3 trillion annually. That’s double the profit for every Fortune 500 company in 2018. Where do you think that’s coming from?

@capybro I'm sure if they really wanted to they can conjure up the money. You know, cut founding here and there. Besides it is a semi-valid point that if low level labor is going to be automated, people below a certain IQ threshold will be unable to generate income.

@capybro hell no. I'll just pay the bag plus more in taxes.

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