Sorry guys, just got clued in to a CSS bug that was forcing people to scroll horizontally to see the Dick Show timeline. Should be fixed now. Let me know if things still look weird.

@capybro Oh now navigation makes sense. How customizable is this shit?

@Lev It’s open source, so in theory, completely. I’d need to learn their code base to really overhaul it though. I’ve just been adding some CSS rules to streamline the browser interface, because it was a mess by default. Mobile interface or apps are still probably easier to use.

@capybro there should be different overhauls out there already then.

@Lev Sadly, none that I could find. Some color changes, but nothing that fundamentally changes the layout.

@capybro when i click Local (to see all the posts) it moves everything to the right side.

@ra That's weird. Did you pin / unpin anything? It should look like this by default on desktop.

@capybro it does look like that if i don't click on 'local'. but that way i can only see the people i follow.

@ra Where are you clicking "local"? The Home tab is the one that only shows people you're following, and I removed it from the browser UI because the way it's implemented is confusing af. Local is like browsing the Dick Show group.

@ra No idea. Looks like you still have the home panel in the middle by default, which should be hidden. Seems like your browser isn't reflecting the CSS changes or something.

@ra Can you try testing on a different browser and see if it behaves differently?

@capybro just tried it on FF and on another computer with an older version of FF... all behave the same. i wonder if its just me or it behaves like this to other users too.

@ra Yeah now I'm wondering the same. I've tested it on other browsers with other accounts though and I'm not seeing what you're seeing.

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