.@CountDankulaTV@twitter.com will be in the studio tomorrow night for Episode 169. Check your emails for the stream! And let us know what you want us to talk about.

HE’S GONNA DO IT!!! Call in after I get back from Burning Man, @Boogie2988@twitter.com. I’ll be so full of peace and love, it’ll be like talking to a priest—not that kind of priest.

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@Danger_Smoog@twitter.com @LABasedComedian@twitter.com I am gonna do it!!!

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"Enraptured" isn't even close to the right word. What an asshole.

Wtf. @Boogie2988@twitter.com, you and Maddox never talked about me, just “online hate”. With all the money you saved on those free Infinity teeth, you could afford to spend a little more on your lies.

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Boogie is here, taking call-ins...

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Can someone help me open one of these but for sexism? Well call it Secretary Ass Print™.

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To support Prince Harry’s commitment to the environment, we ensured their flight was carbon neutral, by making the appropriate contribution to Carbon Footprint™.

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Yeah, I’d love to chat with Boogie. Call into the show, @Boogie2988@twitter.com! I want to hear what kinda bullshit Maddox has been telling you about me before his latest sperg out. Also, we can compare mouth surgeries. Mine is half titanium.

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hey @LABasedComedian@twitter.com everyone on the killstream is trying to get @Boogie2988@twitter.com on your show. but he thinks that you hate him. wanna squash and/or verify those rumors? you and him would be an awesome show.

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Hahahahahaha! This is my new alarm.

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Here's a little peek at the mix in progress. Cheers to @lakembra@twitter.com for the music video, you obviously put a lot of work into it and I appreciate it.

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.@CountDankulaTV@twitter.com is coming into the studio this week and just now I happen to find this idiot in the street. Wonder what we’ll be doing.

Your movie about retarded police officers was unwatchable.

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There is no ANTIFA. It’s people who won’t stand for hate. No group, no meetings, no t-shirts, no flag, just normal moral people who stand up to hate filled fascist assholes. twitter.com/dwrrichardson/stat

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We’re doing one last episode before I go to burning man with @CountDankulaTV@twitter.com in studio! We’re going to be training lots of animals. If you’ve got it, we’ll train it. See you Thursday, ladies and gentlemen.

Hit this guy up, fat guy!

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@LABasedComedian@twitter.com If nobody else has yet, I will put my dick on the line for the fat guy. Lets guilt this guy into reaching some health goals.

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80s Girl’s car gets stolen, affordable trash cans, fifty ways to secretly record your lover, doubling down on a dick pic, @CrippledJesus@twitter.com' strip club adventure, my Mumkey Jones sex tape review, back pain, one big problem with Star Trek: TNG. New Dick Show! thedickshow.com/episode-168/

New episode is up on the feeds. Yeehaw! Thank you, Minneapolis! Now I've got some audio to compress... thedickshow.libsyn.com/


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I fully accept Egg Clay Day! @LABasedComedian@twitter.com

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Lmk if you need a WooCommerce setup, Sam. I got a merchant account. HO-HO-HO.

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Merch good to go. Busting ass now. Store closed permanently. Orders will be fulfilled. Stef voice:





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Allegedly, a bouncer at the Spearmint Rhino in Minneapolis @minnesotarhino@twitter.com/@rhinoclubs tried to prevent my friend @CrippledJesus@twitter.com from getting a dance all night because of his MAGA hat. After my $1,000/5-bottle tab, I'd like to know more. Did anyone else observe this behavior?

I had nothing to do with the Mumkey Sex Tape leak! But I stand by everything I said about it. I encourage everyone who is overly critical of it to separate the art from the artist.

Damn. I guess Matt’s not cool with you, Dame.

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Special thanks to @MisterAntiBully@twitter.com @LABasedComedian@twitter.com @TheRalphRetort@twitter.com @Zidan_Lianciel@twitter.com @TheGatorGamer@twitter.com @KEEMSTAR@twitter.com @TheQuartering@twitter.com and James Allsup for exposing MundaneMatt's false flagging and making me last this long... but I think is over.

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